A NEW LEVEL OF MANIFESTATION — live meetings with Carol Salter and Anastasia Sudom in Alicante, June 2024

A NEW LEVEL OF MANIFESTATION — live meetings with Carol Salter and Anastasia Sudom in Alicante, June 2024

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June 9 and June 15, Alicante, Spain

There are many masters among us who show themselves, their light and their ability to help people not yet in full force.

It’s time to take root in your true nature, let go of fear and memories of the past, and take the path of your true destiny. It’s time to SHINE, MANIFEST, SOUND — to be a guide for those who are waiting for you and need your unique energy.

We invite you to an open LIVE meeting (+ recording) and a LIVE WORKSHOP with sound healing master Carol Salter and business coach, implementation mentor for masters Anastasiia Sudom.


During live meetings, Carol and Anastasiia will lead you on a journey to discover the potential of star souls (if this text resonates with you, then you are one). This means that you have incredible potential and strength, the revelation of which is waiting in the wings. This time is now.

Star Souls

Many ancient souls have incarnated during these challenging times of change to help humanity evolve from hate/fear to love/wisdom. However, most souls have forgotten and do not remember why they came here. And those who remember cannot maintain contact with this knowledge in everyday life, in realization, in communication with other people.

How do you know if you are a star soul?

⭐️ You feel a craving for studying ancient traditions, teaching or treating people, your level of empathy is higher than that of others.

⭐️ Since childhood, you have felt like “different”, not fitting into the restrictions of society, not like “ordinary” people.

⭐️ It seems to you that you live in a world to which you do not belong.

⭐️ It wasn’t easy for you to find your purpose. Perhaps you are still searching and don’t understand why you are here.

⭐️ You feel that you have enormous power, hidden potential that is waiting to manifest itself.

We call such people star souls, ancient souls, indigos, etc. These souls are destined for an important role and a meaningful life in this incarnation. It’s time to wake up and remember who they really are.

It is important for all of us to connect with PURPOSE, life’s most important purpose, and find a path to REALIZE our full potential soon.

If you feel a resonance to this text and recognize yourself or feel the need to deepen into the LIVING and EXPRESSING YOURSELF, we are waiting for you at the open meeting and workshop with Carol Salter and Anastasiia Sudom!



open live meeting + recording

June 9, 16:00-18:30 (Spain)

Alicante, Prana Yoga School, Calle Segura, 21 (Spain)

During an open meeting, you will be able to feel and touch your depth and scale, which have been waiting in the wings to be revealed.

You will be able to acknowledge what you have always felt about yourself but were not aware of. What you did not allow yourself to recognize is GREATNESS and POWER.

You will also be able to receive personal decisions on HOW you can now manifest yourself in a new way in your professional role, in relationships and what levels you can now achieve in contact with your true, holistic, empowered self.


Carol will impart teaching on how you can get in touch with your soul and realize your gifts and purpose for this life. Carol will lead a sound activation meditation that will help you connect with the unique frequencies of your soul.

Anastasiia will conduct the practice of connecting the energy of the soul with MANIFESTATION in your realization. You will feel the FREEDOM to act in new ways, make decisions with a new level of love and respect for yourself and others, and you will feel more EASE and CONFIDENCE in presenting yourself to the world.

Meeting in English with translation into Russian



Be sure to register for the meeting (to access the recording of the meeting, as well as learn about important organizational moments)

If you have questions, write to Alexandra



Live workshop (no recording planned)

June 15, 13:00-18:00

Alicante, Prana Yoga School, Calle Segura, 21 (Spain)

During the workshop you will reveal the beauty of your VOICE OF THE SOUL. The Voice of the Soul is your personal vibrational assistant on the path to discovering your purpose and manifesting your uniqueness.

Your manifestation will gain depth — you don’t think who you should be and how to broadcast yourself to the world from your mind. You will be able to feel WHAT and HOW to broadcast on social networks, projects, relationships, work.

You will gain a tool for returning to yourself and sounding/broadcasting in contact with your inner truth, your true nature.

“I want more and more people to have the opportunity to activate and master their precious gift — the Voice of the Soul — the depth and power of which is so needed now,” Carol Salter.


⭐️ You feel a response and desire to establish contact with your Voice of the Soul.

⭐️ You have already activated your Voice of the Soul, but you DO NOT KNOW how to use it in life, relationships, projects.

⭐️ Your Voice of the Soul DOES NOT MANIFEST or manifests itself very weakly, and you are not sure whether it is it or the mind that is making up words.

⭐️ You want to DEEPEN your knowledge and practice of using the Voice of the Soul.

⭐️ You want to activate the HEALING POWER of your Soul Voice.

⭐️ You want to learn to UNDERSTAND THE MESSAGES, the meaning of the words that the Voice of the Soul conveys to you.

⭐️ You want to learn more about OPTIONS FOR USING your Voice of the Soul.


ACTIVATION: With Carol’s guidance, you will activate or strengthen your contact with your VOICE OF THE SOUL. With the help of practices, you will begin to express it more freely and openly.

When the Voice of the Soul is activated, you establish direct communication between your soul, higher potential and physical body — you gain integrity and a new level of inner freedom!

INTEGRATION: After activation, you will go through the integration of your SOUND and GLOW, MANIFESTATION in coaching practices with Anastasiia Sudom. You will remove the main blocks on the path of accepting yourself and declaring yourself to the world, and you will also experience a NEW STATE and a NEW ROLE from which you can manifest freely and easily.

The more in touch you are with yourself and your soul, the deeper and more magnetic you sound. People hear your unique vibrations and are attracted to you by resonance.

Workshop in English with translation into Russian


€122 euros until 13/06

€155 euros from 14/06

Seat reservation — €50

*Payment in installments is possible



If you have any questions, write to Alexandra





Sound healer, sacred dance teacher, activator of light languages.  She conveys sacred knowledge about the primordial feminine nature, opens a person’s access to its Essence, its Soul.

Carol’s gift is to heal using the Voice of the Soul.  Sound is intelligent and interacts with each person’s field in a unique way. It awakens a new quality of energy, activating invisible triggers in the human field.


⚜ BUSINESS & EXECUTIVE COACH, scaling coach and mentor for women experts and entrepreneurs

⚜ PCC ICF, coach since 2010, teacher at coaching school

⚜ 8 years in international corporations in top positions

⚜ Since 2012 — teacher of yoga, meditation

⚜ Since 2017, she was inviting Carol Salter to Ukraine and conducting online programs with her. With Carol’s help, she remembered the soul’s stellar experience and activated the Voice of the Soul.

⚜ Since 2020 — teacher of courses on Tibetan philosophy–straight line conductor

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