THE AVATARS RETREAT in Alicante with Carol Salter and Anastasiia Sudom

THE AVATARS RETREAT in Alicante with Carol Salter and Anastasiia Sudom

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10-13 of June, Punta Prima, Alicante.

THE AVATARS RETREAT — this is a special retreat format during which you will activate and strengthen your connection with the highest aspect of your soul — the galactic one. This connection will take the quality of your life to the next level, as you will become an Avatar — a conductor of vibrations, knowledge, and purpose of a new scale.

The retreat is part of the online mentoring program «THE AVATARS»

If there are places available, those who will not go into mentoring will also be able to attend.


As an Avatar, you will be receiving answers to the questions — who am I, why, how should I act in a given situation, how and with whom to build relationships, business, projects, what key decisions to make in life.

You will discover super powers, opportunities and knowledge that were previously only available to the Teachers you followed. And now you can receive this knowledge directly, from your higher dimension of the soul. Now you become a Teacher, a source of knowledge and tips on the path, for yourself and others.


You will learn to live not in the narrow limitations of the mind (in tension, control, experience of the past), but in contact with the SOUL (and its higher dimension), which gives access to the future, to new creative solutions and the most accurate decisions.

By activating and strengthening your connection to the higher aspects of your soul, you will be able to master the state of LIVING IN FLOW without effort — where you constantly receive internal answers to all your questions and even BEFORE questions arise.

It’s as if someone is guiding you through life. And it is true. You will be guided by your galactic soul, which has knowledge and abilities that go beyond human limits.


Becoming an Avatar is not an instant achievement or a mystical experience. This is the full activation and embodiment of the capabilities and wisdom of your star soul.

It is a deep letting go of the control of our ego/mind and personality as the captain of our human experience and creative expression, allowing our galactic dimension to guide us and gradually merge with your human structure in the physical body.


Becoming an avatar of your galactic dimension is not the same as realizing and accepting yourself as a star soul. This is the next evolutionary step.

🌀 How does a star soul become an avatar?
🌀 What are the steps to awakening this potential?
🌀 What is their role during this period of time?
🌀 How to fully realize your highest dimension?
🌀 What vibrational tools should I use to complete the Avatar integration process?

You will receive answers to all these questions during the activation retreat.


The first of its kind, THE AVATARS RETREAT will be limited to just 12 participants. This is a necessary condition for Carol Salter, who creates a space in which to carefully and safely activate and strengthen the connection with the galactic soul for each Avatar.

Anastasiia Sudom will guide you along the path of awareness of internal changes and integration of your new identity into life — relationships and realization:

“For several months now, every day I have been strengthening my connection with my galactic soul — her name is ASTARA. I went through an intensive path of integrating it in the body and at the energy level, and then — conscious changes in my professional activities and personal relationships.

Now, in contact with her and in collaboration with other masters, I am downloading the concept of a new international company — an “awakened business”, which is already attracting partners and projects.

It is an incredible process to receive the guidance of the galactic soul. At first this happened in meditation, a state of deep relaxation and peace. And when I got used to living in this state, insights, ideas and cool solutions began to come throughout the day.

During the retreat, I will share with you experiences and practices that help you quickly integrate your connection with the galactic soul into your body and life, and begin to receive answers and guidance through it.”


Day 1 — Introduction

Acquaintance circle, introduction to the retreat space, relaxation.

Day 2 — Cleansing and Activation

Practices for relaxation, cleansing and raising vibrations, preparing to connect with the frequencies of the higher dimension of your soul. ACTIVATION in the evening. At night — assimilation and adaptation to new frequencies.

Day 3 — Integration of new frequencies

Practices for integrating and experiencing new energies, vibrations, new experiences. A cascade of insights, clearer vision, and perhaps a spontaneous revelation of abilities. Mastering the tools to daily establish and expand connections with the higher dimensions of the soul.

Day 4 — Avatar Life

Bringing a new level of feeling of yourself into everyday life, communication with people, new ideas in realizing your destiny. Celebrating life.

The retreat is part of the THE AVATARS online mentoring program.

If there are places available, those who will not go into mentoring will also be able to attend.

All mentorship participants who cannot come to Spain will receive recordings of activations and practices for independent studying before the start of the online program.

During this retreat, Carol and Anastasiia will pass activations, teachings and tools that will allow you to walk the path to realizing your highest potential.

You will then have 21 days of integration before starting 3 months of intensive mentorship.


Address: Punta Prima, Calle Fragata, 13

Accommodation conditions: 2-4 people per room.

Swimming pool, beautiful area, 5 min walk to the sea.

Meals are not included.


€777 for mentorship participants
€999 without mentorship (is there are places available)

*You can pay in installments


If you have any questions contact Oleksandra:


Yuliia Leshcheva

After reading the announcement about the course “The Healing Power of the Voice of the Soul” from Carol Salter, I immediately felt “I’m coming!”, since my voice of the Soul had already been activated by Carol before, but I had not used it. I realized that this is a powerful tool for interacting with the world and I really need it now! I want to learn how to use it to the fullest! And I was not mistaken!

My Soul voice began to sound more confident, the voices of the girls, also following the course, evoked such deep emotions and response in the body that a feeling of kinship of souls arose!!! It is incredibly valuable to find like-minded sisters! And Carol’s sensitive support clarified the nuances and instilled faith that we own a unique tool with which we can heal ourselves, harmonize space, help and heal other people!

I received answers to questions that concern me about my place in the world, my purpose, my capabilities and my value to the world and to myself.

Yuliia Nevgad

I heard Carol’s voice of the Soul and it turned out to be so dear and just called me, and I just heard and came. When something inside tells you to go there and you no longer have a choice and circumstances simply have to force you into this reality.

The sensations in me have become more receptive; now in meditation I feel heat and flows of energy that were not there before. And after the last webinar, my channels of clairvoyance and clear knowledge were more activated, and now I began to actively read the information field.

This is still so new and still amazes me so much with the accuracy of my sensations that I’m still getting used to it. The course has already ended, but my transformations have just begun and voice activation is in the process.

Nataliia Shkarin

The decision to take the course was an internal response and a desire to get closer to my soul through sound. And it was a 100% hit.

I knew that the course would reveal new depths in me, including fears, traumas and those issues that seem to be insignificant. Behind pain there is always a resource.

It was important for me to start making my voice heard and Carol helped me with this.
Since I am the mother of a small child, I was afraid that I would not have time to practice, but intention and field build everything and time manifests itself.

The journey has begun and I’m incredibly happy about it ❤️
Thank you to yourself, Carol and the whole team for starting this journey to yourself ❤️



Sound healer, sacred dance teacher, activator of light languages.  She conveys sacred knowledge about the primordial feminine nature, opens a person’s access to its Essence, its Soul.

Carol’s gift is to heal using the Voice of the Soul.  Sound is intelligent and interacts with each person’s field in a unique way. It awakens a new quality of energy, activating invisible triggers in the human field.


⚜ BUSINESS & EXECUTIVE COACH, scaling coach and mentor for women experts and entrepreneurs

⚜ PCC ICF, coach since 2010, teacher at coaching school

⚜ 8 years in international corporations in top positions

⚜ Since 2012 — teacher of yoga, meditation

⚜ Since 2017, she was inviting Carol Salter to Ukraine and conducting online programs with her. With Carol’s help, she remembered the soul’s stellar experience and activated the Voice of the Soul.

⚜ Since 2020 — teacher of courses on Tibetan philosophy–straight line conductor

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