«Divin` Essence. The 13 moons» Carol Salter, 2018-2019

«Divin` Essence. The 13 moons» Carol Salter, 2018-2019

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Divinе Essence. 13 moons.


Carol Salter`s online-programme for men and woman.

This programme is destined to those who are feeling a call from higher realms and who dream of a world of peace and harmony. It is dedicated to help participants to find deeper unification within and with the world.

The programme will be conducted during 13 lunar months – the full year cycle on Mayan calendar. It starts on March 31, 2018 and ends on March 21, 2019. Also it includes maintenance and support of Carol and the other participants for whole programme period.

Sound, Movement, Light, Masculine and Feminine are the first basic expression of Source from its unmanifested state into creation. We will use this tools and qualities as a way to return and ground into our essential being.

This will bring a very calm and still base within ourselves to be able to evolve and create further into the world from a more unified and quiet space.

Participants will also gain new tools to be able to self-treat themselves and become more autonomous in their liberation and realization journey.

During this 13 moon cycle process participants will be given daily practices specific for each moon to explore and integrate more deeply each topic within themselves

Meeting dates and topics

1st moon. 31 March

Teaching transmission: Presentation of the programme + Worldwide Awakening process. The role of the Ancient ones.

Soundhealing Session: Alignment and Centering.

2nd moon. 30 April

Teaching transmission: The structure of creation + the structure of the being.

Soundhealing Session: Activation of the Divine Child. Centering point.

3rd moon. 29 May

Teaching transmission: Sound as a way of Liberation and realization + Explanation of the effects and wisdom of Sound.

Soundhealing Session: Activation of the soul wisdom of Sound.

4th moon. 28 June

Teaching transmission: Movement as a way of liberation.

Soundhealing Session: Activation of the Soul wisdom of Movement.

5th moon. 27 July

Teaching transmission: Masculine and Feminine balance as a path of realization.

Soundhealing Session: Opening to Masculine and Feminine Balance/clearing conflicts between them.

6th moon. 26 August

Teaching transmission: Masculine. Exploration of inner Masculine through Sound and Movement.

Soundhealing Session: Opening to Divine Masculine.

7th moon. 25 September

Teaching transmission: Feminine. Exploration of inner Feminine through Sound and Movement.

Soundhealing Session: Opening to Divine Feminine.

8th moon. 24 October

Teaching transmission: The androgynous nature of Essence. Exploring essence through sound and movement.

Soundhealing Session: Opening to Essential being.

9th moon. 23 November

Teaching transmission: Divine Father. Clearing trauma/resistances regarding to Divine Father. Explanation of what is Divine Father.

Soundhealing Session: Opening to Divine Father.

10th moon. 22 December

Teaching transmission: Divine Mother. Love and Compassion. Nurturing the inner Child. Explanation of what is Divine Mother.

Soundhealing Session: Opening to Divine Mother.

11th moon. 21 January

Teaching transmission: Divine Child. Living life as magic. Explanation of what is Divine Child.

Soundhealing Session: Opening to inner Child.

12th moon. 19 February

Teaching transmission: Trinity/Unity.

Soundhealing Session: Opening to Divine Unity.

13th moon. 21 March

Closing webinar and soundhealing session. Sharing.

* Duration of the meeting: 2 — 3 hours

** Weekend meetings start at 3 pm and weekday meetings start at 7 pm (Local Kyiv time, GMT+2) . Hours can be changed.

Webinar content can be expanded, changed, complemented during Carol`s interaction with the flow, group, relevant requests, time and space.


€ 33 — one webinar participation
€ 88 — when paying for 3 webinars
€ 177 — when paying for 6 webinars
€ 333 — when paying for 12 webinars

Complete seminar fee: € 333 if paid before 30 March, after — € 366

IMPORTANT! If you want to join the course after the start you need to buy and go through all previous webinars. This programme works in the integrity and requires all 13 steps to be mastered.



Spiritual Sound Healer, Initiatory Dance Facilitator, Light language activator.
Many years of travelling in search of a deep understanding of life and herself, lead Carol to meet healers, guides and shamans whose wisdom nurtured her existence.

They teached her certain techniques that over the years allow her to access this precious space of inner silence and opened the door to the multidimensionality of her being. From this primordial space preceding any form or identity that she access during her sound healing sessions, the frequencies, songs and sacred languages of the soul are born. 

Travelling across the world, Carol spent two years in Africa where she reconnected to the African dance so dear to her soul. In 2006 she is introduced to the sacred dimension of Oriental dance, which her body already seems to know.

In 2009 she clearly feels the call of her soul to express and to heal by the dance.

It is thus that she meets «Le Longo», an African dance of anchoring (resulting from three traditions of dances initiated by the Bantu people in Congo). As a result she undertakes to follow the training and is certified in 2013.

The depth and magic of these dances reconnect her with the ancestral memories of her soul which, through her body, gradually introduces her to the fluidity of sacred feminine dances, ecco of a time when dance was still considered as a means of honoring the Divine and bringing the Light of the Soul into the physical body.

Thus, after years of gestation, she creates Feminin` Essence in 2016.

Since 2013 Carol travels around French-speaking countries and around the world since 2016.

She helps the Light workers (Starseeds) to recognise and reveal themselves to finally become pioneers, pathfinders through their own accomplishment, to become those who open the way to a new consciousness for the rest of humanity.


You can listen to Carol`s voice here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLFEu772HJ8

For more information about Carol and her work visit her website (in English and French) — www.semencesdetoiles.com

Carol Salter on Facebook — semencesd’etoiles

More information about «starseeds» (in English and French)— http://www.semencesdetoiles.com/une_semence_d_etoile.html


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